WRITTEN WORDS,
                                                                    DRAMA and DANCE

These seem to have a unique ability to bypass the mind and speak directly to the heart and spirit of a man. Often all that is left of a society are the arts, speaking louder of who and what they were than mere words!

EXPRESSIVE ART often has the capacity for greater impact on our hearts, minds and spirit than the spoken word can ever have! The arts have even been known to alter a generation's ideas, challenge old mindsets, open up new understanding, trigger new expectations, and offer hope!

God is never boring!! Man has just made Him that way! Creation is a great example. He often speaks through what we see and hear to get to our hearts. I believe God hates restrictions and will never be limited to one way of expressing Himself to you and me, but will speak in a great variety of ways as He has through the ages.

This site is a conglomeration of inspiring arts from the Puget Sound and surrounding areas, a collection from multiple sources. The goal is to increase your faith in God, challenge and touch your heart and maybe even alter perspectives of who God is and can be for you through the arts! Maybe, just maybe, you will hear THE SOUND of His heart beating a new rhythm within you! Maybe, just maybe, you will see yourself through new eyes... yes, see yourself through His eyes for you!

At times some of what you see here will be for sale... at other times it will just be here to challenge and inspire. This site is being developed, so keep returning to see the progress and new additions! Be blessed!


I am a girl who loves to just sit out in a field or up on a mountaintop and hear the sounds all around me... the beauty of nature breathes life into my soul. I love to paint people... there is something about the human spirit that totally captures me. I love all the arts whether it be      music or acting, writing, painting or dancing... I believe there is a song in all of us that is        meant to be expressed and heard through the arts... going past human intellect to the very    heart, soul and into the spirit of mankind! So come with me and maybe you might just hear... the SOUND of heaven with me!